Globis: ready for the major breakthrough

2017 will mark a major breakthrough for Globis. Owner and CEO Karel Van den Berghe explains all. “We intend to raise our Globis platform to a new level.”

Ready for the logistics blockchain revolution

Blockchain technology is set to be the next revolution in the logistics sector, although this is probably the first time you have heard of it...

Globis enters global market through joint venture with NINtec

Globis has set up a joint venture with software developer NINtec. The new GlobTec business will double Globis's development capacity and provide an entry to the global market.

Control Tower: Being in control of your supply chain

Long before a control tower was only known in the airline industry. Having a view of everything which happends with the airplanes at the airport, and direct them to their appropriate spots and ensure that everything operates according to procedure.