Mexico Natie

“Mass Customization” ready ERP solution and tailor-made online platform

Mexico Natie wants to provide new services to its customers and to be able of implementing such services quicker and according to the needs of each individual customer.

Freight forwarder “Mexico Natie” is a specialist in the storage, distribution and transport of packaged goods, such as PVC, polyethylene, but also steel products, hazardous products and the embarking and disembarking of vehicles.

To be able of providing their logistic services according to the specific needs of customers and to enhance working together online, Mexico Natie was looking for a solution that was able to easily cope with the ‘mass customization’ processes.

The Globis solution was regarded as preferable. For, EDI connections, workflow, etc… can now be dynamically configured by the Mexico Natie staff themselves. Hence, Mexico Natie is getting the best of ‘both worlds’: an extensive end-to-end application (ERP+WMS+FMS+TMS), comprising all the functionality that is required for stock management, dynamic worfklow, forwarding management, operations planning and execution. One platform that also allows the staff of Mexico Natie to arrange the complete environment and setting themselves or to modify it without expensive customization being required.

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