Liv wise

Strong growth under the right conditions thanks to Globis software

“Liv wise” is a fast-growing wholesaler that was established in 1994, who offers a comprehensive range of kitchen utensils to resellers in Belgium, The Netherlands, France and Luxembourg. Besides its own brand, Liv wise is also the exclusive supplier of a number of international brands in kitchenware.

Recently, Liv wise moved to a new building, and soon it will also start building a new extra warehouse. In total, Liv wise has at its disposal xxxm² of storage space, and it can offer x articles and has x active users.

To support a large volume of products, as well as cope with the rapid growth, a search was started to achieve a modern and integrated platform, without much customization being required.

Strategically, mobile applications were chosen for the sales staff, in addition to a specific application for order, price and stock management, and an e-commerce solution, initially for B2B purposes, afterwards followed by B2C.

Liv wise found its solution in the modern, management-friendly and measurable ‘state-of-the-art’ end-to-end application from Globis = (ERP+WMS+Mobile Apps + e-commerce + document integration and Business Intelligence).

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