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Ewals Cargo Care and Globis team up

Ewals will partner up with Globis for the development of their new ERP-system. This will not only replace the existing AS/400 platform, but it will also take the place of numerous other applications and portals. Hundreds of spreadsheets will be eliminated as well. This will make Ewals’ operation leaner and it will improve efficiency.

The main features that drove Ewals to choose Globis over its international competitors are its rich and flexible master data management, powerful pricing, and advanced calculation engine as well as having the most modern and future proof technology.

“The implementation of Globis ERP-technology and systems will simplify Ewals’ back-end processes. This will allow us to grow, while still being cost-effective”, says Bart Dessent, Corporate Process & ICT Development Manager at Ewals Cargo Care. “The transition towards Globis will be part of our Process 2020-project. The aim of this project is to streamline our internal processes and procedures and to use this to offer a better service to our customers.”

In this project, Globis will create 2 new modules in co-creation with Ewals: GlobSim, which will enable users to perform tactical and strategic ‘what-if analyses’, and GlobFin, which is a budgeting and financial planning module.

The analysis made by GlobSim will better enable Ewals to react to market trends. “We can simulate certain trends such as a shift in volume, or a change in exchange rates”, says Dessent. “These simulations will register the impact on our contracts, so we have a scenario in place for every eventuality. As for GlobFin, this module will enable us to incorporate the financial aspect even before the sales stage. The result of this will be a better financial planning of the resources needed and therefore optimal services and costs for our customers.”

The partnership between Ewals and Globis will make both companies improve their services and take their operations to a new level.

Ewals Cargo Care is one of Europe’s largest transport companies, with a turnover that exceeds EUR 600 million. Since its foundation in 1906 it has been a family owned company. The group owns up to 3.000 trailers and 600 trucks and its 2.200 employees are active all over Europe.