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Globis becomes co-creation partner of iSHARE

The aim of iSHARE is to provide a simple and controlled way of sharing data in the logistics sector. To achieve this, there is a need to have uniform agreements for the identification, authentication and authorization of such data. This set of legal, operational, functional and technical agreements will make it much easier to share data. Everyone who uses or wants to register for the platform will obviously commit to keep to these agreements.

Using a set of agreements of this kind will enable significant efficiency gains, not only because many paper documents can be omitted, but also because it will make matters such as registering and planning shipments much easier.

Like the GlobSync ESB from Globis, iSHARE needs to be an easily integrated building block that can be applied to an existing system of networks and systems. “It is extremely important to us that a certain form of standardization will be introduced in the sector,” Globis CEO Karel Van den Berghe explained. “Everyone in the sector will be able to use this set of agreements, so there will be no need to reinvent the wheel.”

The partnership with iSHARE is perfectly in sync with Globis Software’s strategy of providing an easy way to exchange information within the supply chain. Like Globis, iSHARE will not focus exclusively on its home market as it has international ambitions.

The first version of the iSHARE protocol is available now, but in the coming months the project will continue to be developed and be rolled out.

iSHARE is a joint project between public and private players active within the Dutch logistics sector. The project is also supported by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs.

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