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Globis courses: get more out of your Globis products

In order to get the best out of any product you need to know how that product works and how you can use it. That is why Globis offers a series of courses to help you make the most of our software.

These courses can be divided into two groups: functional training and technical training.

Functional training courses focus on how the software is used in practice and cover aspects such as how to search for information, how to create an order and how a warehouse transfer works. These courses are primarily designed for the key users of Globis software. Examples of topics covered by functional training courses include set-up and general use, master data management and commercial management.

By contrast, technical training courses are specifically aimed at IT professionals and other people who work with information technology in a professional capacity. In these courses you learn all about technical adjustments, integration, technical management and ways to optimize Globis software.  Examples include our business intelligence course and our course on scripting and calculations for Globis software.

All courses take place at Globis’s headquarters in Erembodegem (Aalst). A full list of courses and the course calendar can be found here. Globis training certificates are awarded to everyone who follows a course.

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