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Globis launches major update of its supply chain management platform
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Globis develops dimensioning app based on Kinect technology

In the logistics industry, cargo is mostly measured by hand. As this is a very time-consuming process, Globis is developing a dimensioning app to measure items automatically.

Taking the measures of cargo is mostly required in the LTL and LCL consolidation business, where the volume of the cargo is the basis for billing the freight handling to the customer. Besides for billing reasons, the volume and weight of cargo is also needed to calculate the number of trucks or containers needed to ship the goods, and to create an optimal loading plan for that container or truck.

GlobTake – Globis’s handy mobile app – already enables users to check incoming goods, assess damage, take photos and print labels. Globis is now developing a second generation of the GlobTake app. This new version (GlobTake 2), which is based on depth sensing technology, makes it easy for users to measure the dimensions of cargo automatically. 

Existing 3D dimensioning hardware is very expensive, but -instead- the new GlobTake app uses affordable gaming hardware to read measurements automatically into the app, and will make the goods intake process much more efficient and cost-effective.

The app can be used for a range of purposes and is suitable for use on a sturdy tablet by dockworkers.