Globis enters global market through joint venture with NINtec

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Globis enters global market through joint venture with NINtec

Globis has set up a joint venture with software developer NINtec. The new GlobTec business will double Globis’s development capacity and provide an entry to the global market.

Globis and NINtec have decided to set up a separate global organization, which has, logically, been named ‘GlobTec’. Both companies have provided resources for the new joint venture, which has also received new resources.

“Our joint venture with NINtec means we now have a global development, sales and implementation partner, and it should enable us to achieve annual growth of up to 50% over the next five years,” said Karel Van den Berghe, CEO of Globis. “The digital transformation in the logistics sector is in full swing. This creates complex problems for which we can offer a solution. For example, many logistics service providers use Excel for tendering processes, which often means weeks of work.”

“Combining our expertise in developing state-of-the-art software solutions in the logistics and transport sector with Globis’s strong ERP product portfolio creates great opportunities and possibilities. This will enable a fast time-to-market for digitization solutions in the supply chain that are affordable, fast, high grade, innovative and ready for use immediately,” said Vipin Moharir, CEO of NINtec.

Global growth

Globis is becoming increasingly popular among logistics service providers in Europe. Many companies based in the port of Antwerp are switching to the Globis platform. A number of very large projects are also in progress in the Netherlands, at companies including Nedcargo and Ewals Cargo Care. Moreover, in keeping with our principle of ‘follow your customer’, more and more activities are being carried on in Eastern Europe, Asia and North America through our customers’ subsidiaries.

“In order to be able to grow, Globis needs to be able to rely on global, professional implementation partners, and we need to make our development capacity more flexible,” Karel Van den Berghe noted.

NINtec has some 1,500 highly qualified software developers and a great deal of experience in Europe, North America and Asia. The modern Globis platform provides companies with a springboard for fully digitizing their logistics activities.

Vipin Moharir views the joint venture as a very positive development. “I’m a great believer in the Globis platform,” he said. “It offers a unique engine that can be widely applied and responds to complex challenges in the highly competitive transport and logistics sector. That’s why NINtec believes the joint venture creates a win-win situation for all customers in the sector.”

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