Ready for the logistics blockchain revolution
Globis: klaar voor de grote doorbraak
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Owner and CEO Karel Van den Berghe explains all. “We intend to raise our Globis platform to a new level.”

Globis: ready for the major breakthrough

Having started out as a manufacturer of traditional ERP software for SMEs, in 2006 Globis started to concentrate on consistently raising the level of our solutions. Rather than continuing to optimize our technology, we opted instead for a completely new platform. We developed a strong ERP base before shifting our focus to our production, transport and WMS modules.

This was a risky strategy. Over the years we grew rapidly and made major investments, and also developed a large amount of new software, which was unexpected. Our strategy enabled us to attain the unique position in the market we currently occupy. Today we are able to deliver specific services and systems that cover the entire supply chain. We are also becoming increasingly popular among logistics service providers. Many companies based in the port of Antwerp are switching to our platform, and a number of very large projects are also in progress in the Netherlands, at companies including Nedcargo and Ewals Cargo Care. Developments such as these are opening the door for the major breakthrough.

In contrast to traditional software suppliers, our focus is no longer on maximizing sales of licenses. We want to change our offering radically and provide companies with connections to our platform, and in doing so create a large marketplace.

The challenge is to connect as many players as possible to each other. By building a partner network, Globis can become the leading digital virtual platform for the whole supply chain. We are working on a supply chain platform that is future-focused and that all players in the logistics chain can use to communicate with each other in real time, giving us a unique position in the market.

In order to raise awareness, we will hold a GlobChain event at the end of November, during which we will present our system and its affiliated partners. The connections that are made by us and our partners at that event will allow us to seize the future. We will, of course, you posted on developments.

2017 is therefore the year in which we will show more of Globis to the world. We will keep you updated on the latest developments concerning our platform, and share our knowledge and partners with you, through this newsletter. Be sure not to miss it.