Globis joins VIL Project ‘NACATRANS’
Globis nodigt u uit op de transport & Logistics vakbeurs te Rotterdam
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Globis sluit aan bij het VIL-project ‘NACATRANS’

Flemish Institute for Logistics (VIL) is renown for its ‘Collective Research Projects’. These projects treat practical challenges that are faced by logistic companies in order to increase the overall competitiveness of the sector.  Small work groups consisting of logistic companies, industry experts, research centers and software companies work together to dissect industry challenges and find practical solutions and working methods.

On May, 31th, VIL kicked-off the project NACATRANS, which is aimed at building a practical model for calculating the effective cost of an individual shipment, taking into account the complexity of group shipments, waiting times, traffic jams etc.

Globis joined this project because:

  • Globis already has experience with similar questions in the mass manufacturing industry
  • Globis has the software platform to translate the results of the project into well defined calculations rules, so that each customer not only has the budgeted and planned cost of a shipment, but also has an exact view on the effective cost.
  • Globis’ commitment to the logistic industry to become the best end-to-end software platform that offers real-time insights in operational efficiency