Control Tower: Being in control of your supply chain

Long before a control tower was only known in the airline industry. Having a view of everything which happends with the airplanes at the airport, and direct them to their appropriate spots and ensure that everything operates according to procedure.

Globis Logistics 2.0

The world of logistics is changing in a rapid way. Robotization is becoming more important, with the first tests being done with autonomous driving and last-mile delivery and stock counts in the warehouse by drones.

Nedcargo and Globis Software sign multi-year collaboration contract

Last Friday, the CEO of Nedcargo, Roderick de la Houssaye, signed a multi-year collaboration contract with the CEO of Globis Software, Karel Van den Berghe, which makes Globis the strategic software provider of Nedcargo for the years to come.

Globis joins VIL Project ‘NACATRANS’

Flemish Institute for Logistics (VIL) is renown for its ‘Collective Research Projects’. These projects treat practical challenges that are faced by logistic companies in order to increase the overall competitiveness of the sector. Small work groups consisting of logistic companies, industry experts, research centers and software companies work together to dissect industry challenges and find practical solutions and working methods.