Webinar, Tuesday April 20, 11 AM

How to measure and optimize the financial performance of your logistics operations?

An introduction to cost calculation, budgetting and operational performance measurement in the logistics industry. The webinar is organized by Globis Software, in close cooperation with BDO.

Target audience:

CEO’s, COO’s and CFO’s of Logistic Service Providers

Topics we cover in this webinar:

  • Activity based cost calculation
  • Contract management, both seller and supplier side
  • Make forecasting and budgeting a part of the business
  • Organize and optimize the (self)billing process

The outcome is: 

  • Financial transparency: what is profitable and where do we lose money?
  • Reduction of network imbalances or asset under-use
  • Increased competitiveness with pricing and billing that adapts to each customer’s individual needs
  • Less people in administration and billing
  • Less disputes and credit notes
  • Higher margins


Karel Van den Berghe is the founder and CEO of Globis. Globis has developed a cloud-based logistics management platform, that integrates financial management with day-to-day business processes for warehousing, transportation and forwarding.

Maarten Daniels, Sr. Business Process Engineer at Ewals Cargo Care, explains how Ewals is capable of budgeting and forecasting their multi-department, multi-country business in a complex inter-modal context.

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