replacement of existing ERP systems by Globis 10

Brepols is a market leader in the development, production and marketing of calendars. In addition, Brepols produces diaries, calendars, notebooks, writing cases, photo albums and a wide range of customised products and performs bookbinding for a number of publishing houses. Usually Brepols tailors its products to customer needs for promotional and relational purposes in B2B environments.

The ‘customisation’ offer has a large impact on the production process, both internally as on parts outsourced to subcontractors, while the ERP systems in use did not support it. This led to a huge administrative burden and often required manual manipulations. In addition, the traceability of certified paper used in the production process, including that of the subcontractors needs to be insured.

To improve its processes, Brepols made a strategic choice for the principles of ‘Mass Customisation’ and to switch to a software platform that automates all processes smoothly. At the end of 2013, Brepols engaged with Globis to phase-out the existing ERP platform and to introduce an easy-to-use product configurator that drives all underlying processes, i.e. Globis 10. Avoiding ‘hardcoded’ customisation of the Globis Solution, Globis 10 is based on configuration rules which can be maintained and managed by the users themselves and is therefore easily adaptable to changing market conditions.

Brepols and Globis are very pleased with the roll-out and expect an ROI within the year while allowing Brepols to prepare for Industry 4.0.

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