Globis 10 helps furniture manufacturer Dedecker take the lead in high-quality mass customization

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Since the beginning of 2016, Brussels furniture manufacturer Dedecker has been reinvigorated, thanks to its implementation of Globis 10. Sending information across the organization quickly and seamlessly, the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) package paves the path for lean manufacturing: one IT platform to configure orders and control all commercial, operational and administrative processes (with the exception of accounting). The results to date are impressive, positioning Dedecker as a specialist in high-quality mass customization.

At the initiative of Chief Executive Officer Renaat Vanheessen, the Dedecker company found a new zeal. “It was a tough nut to crack: our market is characterized by a broad mix of product variations and small volumes, such as orders of a single closet. We needed to provide faster delivery, and our buyers – big chains such as Van Marcke and Desco, or kitchen retailers such as Svegra, which offers high-quality AL-AL HPL kitchens – expected ever more differentiation in products, preferably of a high ‘WOW!’-caliber.”

The Dedecker CEO believes current data complexity is too challenging to manage without an ERP. All functions within an organization need to collaborate in a synchronized manner and communicate seamlessly to keep processing time to a minimum without losing the option of offering a tailored configuration.

Renaat Vanheessen was immediately hooked when he learned about the Globis ERP solution. The decisive argument was the fact that the built-in product configuration platform was developed in a generic rather than sector-specific manner. “It doesn’t assume biased habits, ours or anyone else’s. We can configure every parameter, establish rules and import formulas to produce all future product configurations ourselves, quickly and by our own employees. An ERP solution with a product configurator that is connected to the central database is something we found exclusively with Globis.”

The integration of the Globis ERP proved to be a multifaceted exercise. To align the solution with the vision and strategy of the furniture manufacturer, a new IT platform had to be developed. Analyzing the catalogue and adjusting the solution to the strategical options required attention as well. The easy configuration of several parameters allowed for the quick integration of previous applications, such as the ARDIS optimization software, resulting in a prompt start-up for primary processes such as ordering, purchasing, storage and delivery.

“We did not implement the Globis solution all at once,” says Renaat Vanheessen. “We opted for a step-by-step implementation: first the ordering process, including the delivery of bathroom furniture, next the combination Globis-ARDIS for bathroom furniture, then purchasing and storage management and finally the kitchen ordering process.” A third link in the chain is TopSolid. This CAD (Computer Aided Design) software, delivered by 4D Services, completes the Globis-ARDIS package.

Following the implementation, the Globis ERP solution breathed new life into the company almost instantly. The operational focus shifted from batch-oriented to flow-oriented, resulting in much faster processing of the underlying administration, and reducing the total lead time from six or seven weeks to merely three weeks. Renaat Vanheessen: “A lot of manual work became redundant, to our employees’ satisfaction. The introduction of the Globis ERP package generated a wave of relief as it eliminated the cumbersome, complex and rarely-perfect batch assembly. Now, team members can focus on useful tasks and new approaches, such as production cells, allowing for employees to stand in for each other.”

He also highlights faster and error-free order input, swifter order confirmation – within twelve hours – and as a result better customer service, considerable lead time reduction, greater availability of management and decision information, a waste cost reduction and higher productivity. However, there is still room for further improvement and process optimization. Wastage and unproductive activities can be minimized even further, and customer service can be enhanced even more.

Renaat Vanheessen believes that young end customers should be given the opportunity to construct their own virtual life experiences, make choices online and immediately see the budgetary impact of their choices. They should be able to configure their own furniture, based on their real-life situation rather than catalogue options, with a configurator that only imposes limitations depending on the feasibility, considering the available production equipment. “I’m convinced that the Globis ERP offers us a sound foundation to realize our vision for the future,” he concludes. The first appointment with the future has already been made: a doubling of turnover in the years to follow.

About Dedecker

Dedecker has been a furniture manufacturer for four generations. Located in Brussels, the company has grown into one of the leading Belgian bathroom and kitchen furniture manufacturers. Applying the most advanced technology, Dedecker aims to optimize its quality philosophy of robustness, durability and safety.

About Globis

Globis NV has operated in Flanders as a provider of powerful ERP software for the SME (Small and Medium Sized Enterprise) for about 15 years. In addition to order administration, warehouse management and integral production management, Globis offers total e-business solutions that connect companies to the future.

Globis 10

Globis 10 is the newest ERP package from Globis, also usable online, developed for the larger SME, comprising numerous modules for order administration, warehouse management, production and service management, integrated CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and document management, among others.

“The introduction of the Globis ERP package generated a wave of relief. An ERP solution with a product configurator that is connected to the central database is something we found exclusively with Globis.”

Renaat Vanheessen, CEO, Dedecker

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