Havelaar verpakkingen

‘just in time’ and tailor-made logistic services for the customer thanks to the Globis software

“Havelaar Verpakkingen”, located in Wormerveer (The Netherlands), is a full service supplier in the field of packaging and packaging materials for food products such as bread, pastry, biscuits and cookies, and chocolate. Since 1954, Havelaar Verpakkingen is specialized in providing a comprehensive range of services for the packaging industry, both for food products and for non-food products.

Typical for the business of Havelaar Verpakkingen is that it mainly produces and delivers according to the specific needs of their customers, fully personalized. To be able to provide such personalization solutions according to the needs of the customers, Havelaar Verpakkingen has its own design studio and a proper manufacturers and purchasing channel in Asia.

Approximately 25,000 articles are offered by Havelaar Verpakkingen, in a market that is highly fluctuating.

Havelaar Verpakkingen takes care of the logistic and stock management services for its customers. The stock management of the customers is maintained by Havelaar Verpakkingen, provided according to the needs of the customer, and the stock is accordingly replenished by Havelaar Verpakkingen. The entire logistics department is adapted according to the requirements of every customer. Communication with the customers on all this mainly occurs via a portal that has been created by Globis.

The total ‘cloud’ solution from Globis consists of Master Data Management – personalized article management + a complete administrative flow + stock management + invoicing + e-commerce via portal.

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