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Van Hollebeke Plastics chooses Globis

Van Hollebeke Plastics is one of Belgium’s biggest polyethylene blown film producers. It has built its name and profitability based on the principles of being lean, efficient, pragmatic and working extremely customer centric. In it search towards a new software platform that could support their current and future needs, Van Hollebeke found in Globis a partner that shares the same values.

Of course, ‘values’ alone are not enough a reason to start a long term relationship with a software provider… The power of the Globis platform lies in its ability to turn companies into true digital enterprises, where products and services are configured ‘on the fly’ for each individual customer, and all master data and transactions are generated automatically.

in the first phase of the project, Van Hollebekewants to focus on advanced product configuration, cost calculation and order administration. Soon to be followed by automated production planning, and job floor registration and warehouse management.

Van Hollebeke Plastics is one of the rapidly growing number of companies that believe that a digital transformation is needed in order to grow customer loyalty, turnover and -eventually- profitability. Thus, typically a company that finds in Globis the right partner to accomplish this venture…