Organization Management Team

Meet our Directors

Karel Van Den Berghe

Managing Director/Partner

+32 53 70 15 52

Karel Van den Berghe is the founder and CEO of Globis. Karel started his career in the packaging industry as Production Manager and built an entire ERP suite for the family owned company in the nineties. With 7 years of operational experience, he started Globis and managed to sell and deliver his product to numerous trading and manufacturing companies.

At the same time he started building a team with professional developers and consultants. Karel is known as a good people manager and motivator.

Karel Versavel

Director Product Development / Partner

Karel Versavel is Solutions Architect with over 30 years of experience in ERP software solutions. In his role of IT-manager within in a textile manufacturing company (15 years), he was in charge of building an entire ERP system based on AS400 technology in-house.
After this, he joined the Globis team as senior consultant and has grown to senior solutions architect over the past years. In this role, he is involved in the solution design for customer projects and internal development and he is the link between the project department and development.

Pauwel Demeyer

Software Development Manager

Pauwel Demeyer is a Senior Software Architect with 10 years of experience in building custom performing software (with varying roles as developer, tester, software architect and analyst) integrating different existing backend systems (SAP, SharePoint, CRM, CMS, …) with each other, helping companies on their Software and Enterprise Architecture (mostly improving the backbone of the enterprise software stack) and driving development teams towards the common goal. He executed these roles in varying industries such as steel manufacturing, air compressor manufacturing, healthcare device development, telecom, re-insurances, technical service providers, retail, consumer organization, etc.

With a history in consulting companies (Capgemini, Axxes) , he joined Globis in 2015 where he now inventories the current software status and architects the plan for opening up the data managed by Globis 10 to both external partners and own add-ons like a sales representative app, a web shop or barcode scanning devices.

Andy Ost

Consultancy Manager

Andy Ost is a Senior Project Manager with 21 years of experience in software projects, functional analysis and team management. He joined Globis 2 years ago after having had various roles from consultant to customer service manager at the world leading WMS provider JDA (former RedPrairie). At Globis, he recently managed a large ERP project for Brepols.

Maarten Van Gysegem

Sales Manager Belgium

Maarten Van Gysegem has 9 years of experience in different roles linked to Enterprise Business Software Solutions for SMEs. He acquired expertise in areas such as Manufacturing, Mass Customisation, Trade, Retail and Advanced Logistics.

He is capable of conducting impressive presentations for clients and organisations based on their needs and requirements. Managing partner relationships to increase business and identify new opportunities for company partnerships is also part of his job.

As a Sales Manager he is an influential team player, with leadership skills and the ability to drive a sales team to achieve targets. Maarten joined Globis in February 2015