Globis, your logistical backbone

Imagine a world where intermodal logistics is a well-orchestrated dance. At Globis, we’ve mastered the art of logistics, and it’s our pleasure to share it with you. Our platform forms the logistical backbone of your operational efficiency.

Our logistical backbone is the result of years of experience in the field. Whether it is connecting you with business partners, ensuring real-time data insights, or enhancing your operational transparency, Globis is here to redefine the way you perform logistics.

The Globis platform is modular, making step-by-step implementation possible. It encapsulates financial, managerial and operational data into a unified model – they key to harnessing your data efficiently.

Business portals: Your customers gateway to enhanced business insights

Our Business Portals are designed to empower your customers with real-time information and key insights. With a user-friendly interface and customizable functionalities, these portals provide an unparalleled experience tailored to your customers’ specific needs.


  • Real-time and relevant: You select from the unified data model which information is to be available for your customers and business partners, like for example an overview of their shipments, estimated arrival times, carrier…external data sources can be incorporated through interfacing, ensuring a comprehensive view of the business.

  • Endless Possibilities: From track & trace maps to Business Intelligence reports and analytics, to automatic alerts and global search functionalities, our Business Portals can incorporate any functionality or capability your customers can envision. 

  • Out-of-the-Box Solutions: While we offer several ready-to-use Portals, we believe in customisation and flexibility. Add your own widgets to make your portals customer specific. Our dedicated support team is here to assist every step of the way.

  • API Integration: Our Business Portals integrate seamlessly with our Globis ERP system and other modules through API’s, ensuring smooth data flow and real-time updates.

  • Enhanced Security: We prioritise the safety of your data. Customers using the Business Portals are identified through the OKTA protocol, linking users to their own registrar, thus increasing the security of our solution.

Step into a world of enhanced business insights and seamless interactions with our Business Portals. Empower your customers with the information they need, exactly when they need it. Stay ahead of the competition and deliver an exceptional customer experience.

Forwarding Management

Globis offers a comprehensive forwarding management solution that streamlines and simplifies the complexities of the forwarding process. It provides end-to-end visibility, enabling you to regain control, meet critical deadlines, and facilitate timely decision-making for all trading partners involved.


  • Effortless Process Coverage: From the initial quote to the final invoice, our solution covers the entire forwarding process, ensuring a seamless flow of operations.

  • Seamless Integration: Our system integrates smoothly with your existing transport or warehouse management systems, minimizing disruptions and optimizing efficiency.

  • Digitalized Information Chain: Enjoy the benefits of single data entry, where all information, from quotes to invoices, is digitalized for improved accuracy and consistency.

  • Comprehensive Cost Calculation: All types of costs are fully supported, facilitating more accurate pre- and post-cost calculations for better financial management.

  • Extensive Document Templates: Access a wide range of templates for shipping documents, including bills of lading, customs documents, documents for dangerous goods, and commercial invoices.

  • Efficient Digital Delivery: Documents are delivered digitally to relevant parties, such as customs authorities, through electronic data interchange (EDI) or the shipping companies, airlines, or agents involved in the shipment.

  • Automated Workflows and Business Rules: Leverage automated workflows and business rules to manage exceptions and focus on value-adding tasks for your business partners.

Our Globis Forwarding Management solution empowers your logistics operations with enhanced visibility, efficiency, and accuracy. Say goodbye to complexity and embrace a more streamlined and productive forwarding process.

Warehouse & Terminal Management

Our cutting-edge Warehouse & Terminal Management system brings real-time visibility and efficiency to your logistics operations. With our WMS, you can keep your business partners informed about their goods movements and stock levels, empowering seamless collaboration within the supply chain.

  • Real-Time Updates: Keep your business partners in the loop with real-time information on goods movements and stock levels.

  • End-to-End Digitization: Our WMS digitizes the entire process, integrating warehouse operations into your clients’ supply chain.

  • Automated Replenishment: Leverage automatic replenishment functionalities to ensure optimal stock levels.

  • Customized Put and Pick Rules: Tailor put and pick rules for efficient order fulfillment.

  • Full Pick and Pack Capabilities: Optimize order processing with comprehensive functionalities.

  • Versatility: Our WMS caters to both defined and undefined goods, and supports mono- or multi-site warehousing.

  • Resource Optimization: Optimize space, equipment, and personnel utilization for maximum efficiency.

  • Mobile VAS App: Supported value-added services through a mobile VAS App, delivering enhanced value to your clients.

  • Digital Twin Representation: Mobile apps create a digital representation of operations, providing accurate information for resource optimization and informed decision-making.

Embrace the power of Globis Warehouse & Terminal Management to revolutionize your logistics operations. With our advanced WMS, take control of your supply chain, enhance collaboration, and optimize your resources for unprecedented success.

Transport Management

Our Transport Management System (TMS) supports your transport operations, from input and order management to subcontracting. With our TMS, you can efficiently manage your transportation processes, ensuring smooth operations and enhanced customer satisfaction.

  • End-to-End Transport Management: Our TMS covers the entire spectrum of your transport operations, streamlining the input, order, and subcontracting management. Whether container or conventional, the system supports all types of transport needs and consolidation possibilities.

  • Customer Quote Management: Based on their needs and available providers, make quotes to your customers easily. Complex internal approval flows are supported.

  • Logistical Suppliers Management: Identify and rate the logistical suppliers eligible for a specific shipment, reduce cost by increasing competition when possible.

  • Multi-Carrier IntegrationOur TMS comes with advanced integrations to most popular carriers (DHL, TNT…) and new ones are added continuously. Moreover, shipment issues are spotted immediately during shipment preparation instead of at the end of the manifesting process or worse: when your shipment gets delayed.

  • Automatic Capacity Check: The system automatically checks capacity availability. If needed, it suggests the most effective and efficient alternatives offered by other parties, ensuring seamless subcontracting.

  • Customer Portals for Transparency: Customers have direct access to the system, allowing them to view all transactions, including customs clearance, ensuring complete transparency.

  • Efficient Order Creation: Book orders swiftly, even for large or frequently recurring shipments. These orders are then seamlessly integrated into your planning tools for optimal efficiency.

  • Versatility with Portals: Our TMS can be used with a variety of portals, enabling you to verify whether your preferred subcontractor has sufficient capacity to fulfill an order.

  • Full process automation: Significant efficiency gains are achieved through real-time rate calculations, automated carrier selection, automated bookings, label printing and many more.

With Globis Transport Management, take charge of your transportation operations with ease, achieve improved efficiency, and foster stronger collaborations with your customers and subcontractors. Embrace the future of transport management and elevate your logistics to new heights.

The Globis platform includes an extremely powerful Contracting, Rate and Billing Management module.

Rate & Contract Management

  • Centralize, standardize, and optimize sales rate calculations for complex multi-modal offerings
  • Digitally create and manage buy-side and sell-side rates for all players, enforcing a standardized pricing policy
  • Enable a global rate request process, boosting confidence in time-critical decisions
  • Seamlessly convert quotes into contracts with full-service level agreements and billing parameters
  • Enjoy a flexible contract structure adaptable to your business, managing customer and supplier contracts efficiently
  • Support contract version management and rate validity dates for easy updates

Quote & Tender Management

  • Seamlessly handle complex quote structures, spanning transport and warehousing operations, diverse multimodal scenarios, value-added services, specific equipment, ADR, fuel surcharges, indexation, and customer-specific rates
  • Provide a range of options and evaluations based on customer requirements and goods characteristics
  • Empower efficient decision-making through the application of sophisticated decision rules

Billing Management

  • Efficiently create billing proposals from Rates & Contract Management and execution layer data, transforming them into real invoices
  • Deliver invoices or invoice proposals in the required format and through the customer’s preferred channel, be it prints, PDFs, EDI, …
  • Seamlessly generate self-bills for suppliers and handle intracompany billing effortlessly.
  • Accommodate various invoice types: single vs summary invoices, customer & supplier self-billing, credit notes, and separate invoicing for surcharges if applicable
  • Experience significantly reduced back-office workload and decreased error rates.

Globis, endless integration possibilities

Globis Software stands as a robust and flexible backbone for any organization, offering extensive integration capabilities across a wide array of systems and external services including accounting, planning, forecasting and beyond. Thanks to our superior APIs, a seamless flow of information can be achieved, allowing for both import and export of data to and from the Globis Software system.

By choosing Globis as your logistical backbone, you unlock a realm of functional benefits, central to which is the orchestration and automation of myriads of business processes. From Customer Relationship Management (CRM), contract management, order management, to stock/warehouse management, and finally, invoicing – every operational facet is streamlined.

The technical journey towards integration is designed to be straightforward, enabling anyone with technical savvy to set up the interfaces with ease. However, you’re never alone on this journey; Globis alongside its implementation partners stand ready to assist or take over the analysis and implementation efforts, ensuring a smooth transition and ongoing operation.