World-Class Support to Ensure Your Success

Globis Software offers customer support that helps you get the most from your software investment. As a Globis customer, you can expect:

  • Support delivered by experienced Software Support Consultants.
  • Support teams that are co-located with software engineers to ensure rapid resolution of customer issues.
  • A commitment to deliver the highest level of support, quickest response and customer satisfaction in the software industry.
  • 90% of issues resolved hassle free without delays from our help desk center in Aalst.
  • Our remote support tool allows our team to connect to your PC, laptop or smart device anywhere in the world to perform full helpdesk support. Getting our remote helpdesk has never been easier and we ensure all your information and computer is always safe and secure!! All sessions are initiated from you, the customers, ensuring you have complete control over the session.

How To Connect to us

please download, unzip & launch our remote support application
via the download button below.