Colruyt Group

Colruyt Group

Colruyt Group, a family business that evolved over three generations, has etched its mark in the Belgian retail space and beyond. With its flagship brand, Colruyt, the group has championed the “Lowest Prices” promise for over 45 years.

The magnitude of Colruyt Group’s logistic supply chain, supporting 744 stores, over 500 affiliated outlets, and accounting for revenue surpassing 10 billion euros, is huge.

Affiliated outlets​
annual revenue
+ 1 billion

"With Globis, we didn't just get a tool; we got a roadmap to the future. Their software is easy to use and has made a big difference in the efficiency and visibility of our work."

Colimpo, a daughter company, supplying Colruyt, Spar, Colruyt Fine Foods, Dreamland, Dreambaby and many other brands within the Colruyt Group, was looking for an end to end software solution that would enable them
to keep a crystal clear overview of their trading operations abroad, including information on suppliers, import duties, quality control, transport status and – last but not least – total cost of ownership.

Globis, the game changer

Globis, a leader in enterprise application software for supply chains, offered the solution. We introduced a secure and modern ERP solution that helped Colimpo work better across different departments and locations. Our holistic solution, a blend of security and innovation, was meticulously crafted to bolster Colimpo’s synergy across departments and branches, from headquarters to global outposts.


Key highlights of the project:

  • Swift Transition, Robust Operations: The implementation process with Globis Software was not only swift but also seamless, allowing Colimpo to transition without any operational hiccups. This smooth changeover led to a strengthened supply chain, bolstered operations, and an increase in profitability.

  • Real-Time Visibility and Control: Globis’ innovative platform enabled Colimpo to have real-time visibility and control over every fragment of their supply chain. This transparency resulted in not just better margins but also improved customer satisfaction and scalability for the company.

  • Simplified Back-Office Operations: One of the core benefits of the Globis platform is its ability to streamline all back-office processes. Colimpo now operates with a single source of data and a single source of truth, eliminating the need for time-consuming, error-prone, and costly human-driven processes.

  • Streamlined Logistics: Globis’ focus on optimizing the entire supply chain logistics—from A to Z—has made a significant impact on Colimpo’s profitability, customer satisfaction, and scalability.

  • A Future-Focused, Green Supply Chain: Globis is about more than just managing data; it’s about paving the way for a sustainable future. The platform offers live updates and data-driven decision-making capabilities, allowing Colimpo to operate a greener, more automated supply chain.

  • Data-Driven Decision Making :With full visibility provided by Globis, Colimpo can make faster, smarter decisions, enhancing their operational efficiency and allowing them to adapt swiftly to market changes.


By embracing the comprehensive solutions offered by Globis, Colimpo has transformed its supply chain management, setting a new standard for efficiency, transparency, and sustainability.