Globis, your futureproof ERP solution

Welcome to a new era of efficiency and productivity with our cutting-edge ERP SAAS platform. At every level of your business, we are dedicated to revolutionizing the way you manage your operations. With a seamless integration of our ERP modules, designed to empower your business and drive success, we offer a comprehensive solution that takes your logistics to new heights.

Imagine a world where collaboration with your customers is seamless, where orders are effortlessly managed from request to billing, and where your entire logistics chain operates like a well-oiled machine. 

Immerse yourself in the power of Globis – designed to streamline your processes, elevate collaboration, and unlock your business’s full potential. 

Efficient Order Management: Empowering Your Business

Our Order Management system enables seamless management of orders from request to billing, providing your customers with comprehensive visibility throughout the process. With a wide array of functionalities, highly customizable options, and state-of-the-art API integration, our system offers a powerful solution for optimizing your business operations.

Key Features and Advantages:

  • End-to-End Order Tracking: Customers can easily follow their orders, from initial request to final billing, streamlining their interactions with you and enhancing their business management.

  • Comprehensive Functionality: Our system covers all essential order management features, ensuring a robust and reliable platform to handle your diverse requirements.

  • API Integration: With our state-of-the-art API, you can seamlessly integrate our ERP system with any external or internal system, fostering a connected and efficient workflow.

  • High Customization: Enjoy unparalleled customization, empowering users within the same company to access and enter order-related information tailored to their specific operations.

  • Flexible Order Types: Our system supports various order types, including contractual, spot, and long-term orders, with customizable statuses and business rules to accommodate your unique needs.

  • Data Accuracy and Consistency: Backed by decades of experience, our datamodel ensures data accuracy and consistency across different sectors and players, providing a reliable foundation for your operations.

  • Custom Portals: Enhance customer interactions by generating custom portals on top of the data, allowing real-time interaction and collaboration.

  • Multi-Channel Processing: Embrace the versatility of multi-channel processing, enabling you to efficiently manage orders from various sales channels.

  • Streamlined Business Units Collaboration: Our system’s setup with multiple specialized programs promotes optimal collaboration between different business units, fostering a cohesive and efficient organization.

Experience the efficiency and empowerment of Globis Order Management – a robust and flexible solution tailored to meet your business needs. Streamline your operations, delight your customers, and elevate your business to new heights.

Streamlined Production Management

In the dynamic world of manufacturing, having a cohesive and efficient production management system is key to operational success. Globis Software ERP presents a comprehensive Production Management module, carefully engineered to synchronize your production processes, ensure timely deliveries, uphold quality standards, and drive operational excellence. Our system is your companion in navigating the complex manufacturing landscape, offering a view into your production operations and empowering you with the tools to stay ahead in the competitive market.

Key features

  • Robust Production Planning and Scheduling: precise capacity planning, intelligent scheduling tools, and accurate demand forecasting to optimize your production operations.

  • Comprehensive Bill of Materials (BOM) Management: manage multi-level BOMs effortlessly with revision control to keep track of evolving product structures.

  • Efficient Work Order Management: generate, schedule, and monitor work orders seamlessly, integrating with inventory to ensure material availability.

  • Advanced Material Requirements Planning (MRP): determine material requirements accurately and automate the generation of purchase and production orders to meet production goals.

  • Real-Time Inventory Management: track material and finished goods inventory in real-time, ensuring optimum stock levels and reducing carrying costs.

  • Machine and Labor Tracking: gain insights into machine and labor utilization, and analyze performance to alleviate bottlenecks and boost productivity.

  • Precise Costing: calculate production costs carefully and perform variance analysis to monitor and control operational expenditures.

  • Insightful Performance Metrics and Analytics: utilize dashboards and analytical tools to monitor, evaluate, and enhance your production performance.

  • Seamless Integration Capabilities: integrate harmoniously with our other ERP modules and external systems for a cohesive production management ecosystem.

  • Customizability and Scalability: customize the system to your unique production needs and scale effortlessly as your operations grow.


With Globis Software ERP’s Production Management module, you are investing in a future where operational hurdles are transformed into stepping stones for success. Our solution is designed to blend seamlessly into your production ecosystem, providing a robust, reliable, and revolutionary approach to managing your manufacturing operations. Step into a world of streamlined processes, enhanced productivity, and superior operational control with Globis Software ERP.

Your journey towards manufacturing excellence begins here!

Comprehensive Invoice Management 

In today’s fast-paced business environment, effective invoice management is pivotal for maintaining positive cash flow and fostering robust vendor and customer relationships. Globis Software ERP encapsulates a comprehensive Invoice Management module designed to streamline, automate, and manage your invoicing processes efficiently. Our system ensures that every transaction is seamlessly executed and accurately reflected in your financial statements, paving the way for enhanced operational efficiency and compliance.

Key Features

  • Automated Invoice Creation and Customization, allowing you to generate precise invoices automatically, reflecting delivered goods or services rendered, adorned with your company’s branding, terms, and conditions. 
  • Seamless Integration: our ERP harmoniously integrates with our Sales, Purchasing, and Inventory Management modules, eliminating manual data entry and ensuring accurate invoicing.

  • Real-Time Invoice Tracking and Management: keep a real-time tab on the status of your invoices, schedule reminders for overdue payments, and automate follow-up processes to enhance your cash flow management.

  • Multi-Currency and Multi-Language Support: thanks to our global approach, the Globis platform allows you to create and manage invoices in multiple currencies and languages effortlessly.

  • Tax Compliance and Calculation: automatically calculate taxes ensuring compliance with the prevailing rates and rules across different jurisdictions.

  • Customizable Approval Workflows: design multi-level approval workflows for invoice generation, modifications, and payments ensuring organizational compliance and control.

  • Secure Document Management: safely store and manage all invoicing documents in a centralized repository with easy retrieval options for audit and compliance

  • Scalable Solution: as your business burgeons, our system scales to meet the increasing volume and geographical spread of your invoicing needs.

  • Stringent Security and Compliance: assure data security with role-based access controls, encryption, and adherence to legal and regulatory standards.

  • Automated Data Capture: employ OCR technology for automated data capture from paper or digital invoices minimizing manual data entry, saving time and reducing errors.


Leverage the power of Globis Software ERP’s Invoice Management module to transform your invoicing processes. Our solution is carefully crafted to meet the unique invoicing needs of modern enterprises, ensuring accuracy, compliance, and efficiency. Embark on a journey towards refined operational efficiency, improved cash flow, and enhanced business relationships with Globis Software ERP.

Your robust invoicing process is just a click away!