A set of tools and systems, to make your non-standard solutions, adaptable, customisable and tailored to the need of your clients

Leading the way in Breakbulk

Over the past 15 years, there has been an important change in the way logistic processes in the Container or RoRo market are handled, driven by e-commerce, globalisation or “app-ification”.
End customers want to have a real-time overview on when their shipments arrive, factories need up-to-date information about their resources and management needs relevant information to steer operations.

Globis is committed to bring these breakthrough innovations to breakbulk too.

Globis is a highly configurable Logistics platform that enables breakbulk players to pinball their processes into a digital-first environment.

Our breakbulk specialists support you and your supply chain partners to make you stand out.

Horizontal collaboration

As breakbulk players work closely together, linking their operations through the Globis platform is an easy task because the IN’s and OUT’s of the system can be aligned.

Nonetheless, we at Globis go a step further. We incorporate the processes of our customers' partners into their instance of our platform. This allows them not only to closer cooperate but also to drastically increase the efficiency of their mutual communication.

Matters such as product codes, equipment types or location descriptions are harmonized throughout the supply chain. Errors and claims handling is simplified.

Thanks to Globis, horizontal collaboration can and will become a game changer.

Benefits for our Globis customers

Terminal operators

  • Real-time terminal
  • Pre-calculated location
  • OCR reading of incoming paper documents
  • Easy integration with customers, suppliers or 3rd party software platforms


  • Full lifecycle overview on logistic operations for import and export
  • Easy integration with customs, terminals and shipping agents
  • Order follow up throug digital communication between systems
  • Daily stock synchronisation with Terminal operators

Shipping lines / agents

  • Detailed view on loading and discharge activities for each stop
  • Rescheduling of bookings or parts of bookings with immediate connection to your customers' systems
  • Generation of all necessary legal documents for both print and digital communication
  • Easy integration with customs, port authorities or terminal operators


  • Digital overview of all shipments
  • Collaborate with your customer and their stakeholders without hassle
  • Reduce administration
  • Unlimited storage of images and video footage