Globis, endless integration possibilities

Globis ERP stands as a robust and flexible backbone for any organization, offering extensive integration capabilities across a wide array of systems and external services including accounting, planning, forecasting and beyond. Thanks to our superior APIs, a seamless flow of information can be achieved, allowing for both import and export of data to and from the Globis ERP system.

By choosing Globis as your backbone ERP, you unlock a realm of functional benefits, central to which is the orchestration and automation of myriad business processes. From Customer Relationship Management (CRM), contract management, order management, to stock/warehouse management, and finally, invoicing – every operational facet is streamlined.

The technical journey towards integration is designed to be straightforward, enabling anyone with technical savvy to set up the interfaces with ease. However, you’re never alone on this journey; Globis alongside its implementation partners stand ready to assist or take over the analysis and implementation efforts, ensuring a smooth transition and ongoing operation.

Expand Your Financial Horizon

While the scope of Globis ERP does not encompass accounting, it adeptly orchestrates the core processes generating financial transactions. Its integration framework opens a gateway to comprehensive financial management by connecting with external accounting systems. Key highlights include:

  • Seamless Integration, bridging operational activities with financial reporting, enhancing real-time visibility and accuracy in financial data.

  • Robust APIs, ensuring effortless interaction with accounting systems for the secure and timely transfer of critical financial data such as invoices, payments, and other transactional information.

  • Automated Workflows, streamlining the workflow from financial transaction generation in Globis to accounting entries and financial reporting, reducing manual data entry, minimizing errors, and accelerating the financial closing process.

  • Flexible Configuration, offering tailored setup to meet unique accounting and financial requirements, whether it’s real-time data transfer or batch processing.

With the assistance of Globis and its implementation partners, configuring and implementing this integration is a straightforward process. The resultant seamless flow of financial data between systems not only enhances operational efficiency but also empowers more informed financial decision-making. By leveraging Globis ERP as the backbone of your operations along with a seamless integration with your accounting and financial systems, you position your business on a solid foundation for sustainable success and growth.

Enhance Document Management 

Navigating through a sea of documents and extracting vital data accurately is a cornerstone of efficient business operations. Globis Software ERP brings forth a potent combination of Document Management and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) functionalities, carefully engineered to transform your document handling and data extraction processes. Our solution is a gateway to a streamlined, secure, and smart document management ecosystem.

Key features:

  • Centralised Document Repository:

    • Secure storage and easy retrieval of all your business documents.
    • Seamless workflow integration for approval processes and audit trails.

  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR):

    • Convert scanned documents, PDF files, or images into editable and searchable data.
    • Minimize manual data entry, reduce errors, and accelerate processes like invoice processing.

  • Seamless Integration:

    • Effortless integration with existing infrastructure, bridging document capture, data extraction, and workflow management.

  • Collaborative Environment:

    • Foster collaboration with organized document sharing and revision management.
    • Ensure teams work with the most up-to-date information, promoting informed decision-making.

  • Expandable Interface Possibilities:

    • Tailor the system to meet unique business needs.
    • Explore expansive interface possibilities to align with your operational workflows.

Embrace the smart, secure, and streamlined document management solutions offered by Globis Software ERP. Our blend of robust Document Management and OCR technology paves the way for an organized, efficient, and data-driven operational framework. 

Integrated Asset Management

In a digitally connected business landscape, having a holistic view and control over your assets is crucial for operational efficiency and financial accuracy. While Globis Software ERP doesn’t house an in-built asset management module, it breaks down silos by offering seamless interfacing capabilities with external Asset Management systems. This interoperability facilitates a cohesive asset management ecosystem, allowing you to enjoy centralized control and insights into your asset lifecycle, right from acquisition to disposal.

Key Features:

  • Centralized Data Hub: aggregate and access all asset-related data through Globis Software ERP, streamlining asset tracking and financial reporting.

  • Flexible Interfacing Capabilities, adapt to various external asset management systems, ensuring alignment with your specific asset management requirements.

  • Robust Reporting and Analytics, harness comprehensive reporting and analytics for insightful asset performance evaluation and financial analysis.

Leverage the integration capabilities of Globis Software ERP to build a robust asset management framework through interoperability with specialized external systems.

Our platform is your gateway to an enhanced asset management experience, ensuring accuracy, security, and insightful oversight over your assets. With Globis Software ERP, you’re not just managing your assets; you’re optimizing their potential and driving your operational efficiency to new heights.

Seamless Planning Integration

Effective planning is the bedrock of operational efficiency and timely decision-making in any business landscape. While Globis Software ERP does not encompass a built-in planning tool, it transcends boundaries by offering seamless interfacing with external Planning Tools. This interoperability ushers in a harmonized planning ecosystem, enabling a centralized and insightful view into your operational, financial, and strategic planning processes.

Key features:

  • Effortless Integration: smooth integration with specialized Planning Tools, fostering a unified platform for meticulous planning and informed decision-making.

  • Centralized Planning Hub: aggregate and access all planning-related data through the intuitive interface of Globis Software ERP, streamlining the planning and monitoring processes. 

  • Real-time Data Synchronization: real-time synchronization ensuring accurate and up-to-date planning data for timely decision-making.

  • Enhanced Reporting and Analytics: leverage comprehensive reporting and analytics for insightful evaluation and continuous improvement in planning processes.

  • Secure Data Exchange: ensure secure data exchange between Globis Software ERP and external planning tools, adhering to stringent data security standards.


With Globis Software ERP as your reliable digital ally, unlock the doors to a superior planning framework through seamless integration with specialized external planning tools. Our platform is engineered to adapt to your planning needs, ensuring a smooth, secure, and insightful planning experience. Embrace the broad spectrum of planning possibilities offered by Globis Software ERP, and propel your business towards a future of informed decisions and optimized operational plans.