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Partner in the picture: Globis and BDO Crossroad

Globis has been working with BDO Crossroad for two years. A team of eight consultants was trained to implement the software and various modules at customers. In addition, BDO Crossroad is positioning Globis’s products within its own network, and in doing so is helping to further develop Globis’s business. Thanks to their combined know-how and mutual support, the two companies are taking the software to the next level.

BDO Crossroad assists businesses with their digital transformation and provides advice in the following areas: optimising internal and external business processes, implementing technological innovations, and supporting employees who are affected by the transformation. BDO Crossroad works where these three areas intersect and employs people from a unique mix of backgrounds, including engineers, economists and social scientists.

Karel and I have the same view of the logistics chain,” said Peter Van Laer, Managing Director of BDO Crossroad. “We intend to move forward and continue to improve, and so our partnership is not limited to intentions. We have already achieved some excellent results. For example, BDO Crossroad introduced a key strategic customer – Ewals Cargo Care – to Globis.

At Globis, we are keen to focus our attention on developing the best possible supply chain platform,” said Globis CEO Karel Van den Berghe. “That is why we are outsourcing the implementation of our software to several partners. Our main partner is BDO Crossroad. What started out as a learning process has now grown into a successful partnership. BDO Crossroad will enable us to expand further in other countries and find people all over the world who want to implement our software.

Peter Van Laer expects that the partnership with Globis will develop positively: “We are currently working on the wholesale implementation of the Globis modules in the Belgian market. Globis will also continue to expand the existing functions, enabling us to help customers on their journey towards their digital transformation. In addition, we are continuing to build on the unique GlobChain ecosystem. This supply chain integration platform – which was developed by Globis in co-creation with several other partners – continues to grow and offer new possibilities. Finally, we are jointly considering opportunities for expansion in the Benelux. BDO Crossroad joined forces with audit and consultancy firm BDO at the end of last year, substantially increasing Globis’s sphere of operation.