Why Globis?

Here are some reasons why customers choose Globis…

  • Globis is the digital backbone of your organisation that enables a uniform and consistent data and process management
  • One core software system lowers the complexity and cost of configuration and maintenance
  • A uniform user experience leads to increased productivity
  • Workflow automation becomes ubiquitous and consistant
  • Data is real-time available where you need it and no synchronisation issues between multiple core systems can occur
  • A consolidation wave in the logistics industry creates complex organizational structures that can be easily managed through the Globis platform
  • Synergies between departments and branches are quantified through detailed cost and revenue allocation and automated inter-company transactions
  • The Globis data model is the crown jewel of the application, that ensures optimized processes and business decisions
  • Breakthrough price calculation rules and rate management capabilities kills thousands of Excel sheets
  • Includes fine grained data validation, sharing and access rules
  • Master data can be customized with unlimited ‘attributes’
  • Smart wizards capture new data through conditional flows
  • Design integrated solutions for your customers and keep control over the outsourcing processes.
  • Manage SLA’s and price agreements in Globis and measure supplier performance
  • Business rules and decision trees automate the procurement process and ensure the best supplier choice for each individual job
  • The integrated supplier portal ensures efficient data exchange
  • Globis’ self-billing capabilities makes tedious freighty audfit process obsolete
  • Design and manage inter-modal transport corridors
  • Calculate and compare different inter-modal transport scenarios for price requests and tenders
  • Keep track on capacity and network balance
  • Fine grained cost calculation of all activities, handlings and surcharges
  • Kill numerous Excel-files and inconsistent reports
  • Gives accurate, real-time insights of expected revenue and margin per customer and period
  • Structure the process of financial planning and follow-up with included Globis functionality
  • Real-time follow up of actual revenues and costs, compared to budgets
  • Includes Approval and Revision flows
  • Supports multi-currency and operations across multiple companies and departments
  • Connecting new customers and suppliers to the Globis platform becomes easy and is no longer a bottle neck in your expansion
  • Make use of existing integrations or create new connections without source code changes to Globis
  • Globis comes with a full-blown Rest API and a pre-configured Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) that includes API management and monitoring
  • Fully customizable and scriptable without source code changes
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Mobile App support
  • Integrated Vendor and Customer Portal
  • More than 100 API End-points
  • Public cloud, Private cloud or on-premise installation
  • The Globis platform is extended by different co-creation efforts to leverage the data that goes through the system and is enriched by different supply chain actors
  • Share your ideas with Globis and discuss viability and added value in the roadmap of the platform

Generate additional revenue

By implementing a solution that automates processes, facilitates collaboration, and increases visibility, our customers experience an increase in sales and a reduction in operating costs

Lower total cost

Globis provides applications that are easy to use, quick to deploy, and maximize investments in technology

Full platform provider

We are a single source provider of enterprise business applications, including Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Warehouse Management System (WMS), Manufacturing Execution System (MES), Forwarding Management System (FMS), Transport Management System (TMS), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Business Intelligence (BI) functionalities, collaboration and productivity tools….

Reduce the risk of failure

We follow a proven, repeatable methodology that helps you achieve a more rapid payback, be well-positioned to evolve as your business needs change and maximize your investments in technology

Why Globis outperforms
other ERP Platforms…


Innovative dialogue system

Build customer specific products and services on-the-fly through an innovative dialogue system.

Automated workflows

Business Logic is translated into Automated Workflows without the need for complex BPM tools.

Connected Supply Chain

Globis is designed for the Connected Supply Chain and supports Global Operations.

Mobile datacapture apps

Globis offers a full range of mobile datacapture applications for Sales and Operations

CRM Document Management

A central place for all commercial and operational data through integrated CRM, Document Management.

Modular webplatform

Globis is a modular platform based on the newest web standards and easily scales to thousands of users.

REST API available

Built for the cloud, but easily installed on premise if needed, with a full blown REST API to integrate with other software.

Multi-tenant Business Portals

Multi-tenant Business Portals let all stakeholders participate in your operations.

Automated Identification

Automated Identification of materials and cargo is built into the DNA of the Globis Platform.

Information management

Data is transformed into management information.