Globis launches major update of its supply chain management platform
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Globis and project44 enter partnership to offer full supply chain visibility to Globis customers, based on project44’s groundbreaking technology and onboarding capabilities.

Brussels, May 25th 2020 ——

Less than one week after project44’s announcement of its vastly expanded multi-modal visibility offering, the company has entered a new partnership with Belgian WMS/TMS provider Globis, specialized in multi-modal Logistics Service Providers.

The Globis platform, which offers the most efficient Quote-to-Cash system for inter-modal logistics, is now integrated with project44. This integration and the cooperation between the two technology companies, gives carriers, 3PL’s and Freight Forwarders, that run their business on Globis, a real-time view on each shipment as well as automatic warnings to all stakeholders if disruptions occur and the agreed pick-up or delivery times cannot be met.

As track & trace has become relatively common in local parcel delivery, international supply chains that cross different modes of transport (rail, road, air, sea,..) are much more complex to monitor. Multiple suppliers and sub-contractors are involved and cargo is constantly handled by different parties, all with their own track & trace systems. To acquire all this data in real-time, aggregate and consolidate this data in order to make accurate predictions of the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA), allowing organizations to make better strategic decisions, is a master piece of Data Engineering and Artificial Intelligence.

Globis strongly believes a modal shift, with implies intense sub-contracting, is the key driver to cope with increased margin pressure on supply chains. But, while the Globis system is able to dynamically select the best sub-contractor for each specific part of a transport, also the complexity to continuously track the status of each shipment increases. And, it is not possible to build direct connections to all the carrier’s telematics systems, nor can subcontractors be forced to use the LSP’s custom track & trace app.

In its quest to find a reliable solution that doesn’t require extra hardware, nor software, Globis addressed project44 as the leader in Transportation Visibibility Platform Technology and the ideal candidate to partner up with.

“The fact that project44 already integrates with more that 3,5 million trucks and assets, as well as project44 being the only vendor on the market offering true multi-modal and global visibility with a proven track record to manage large enterprise organizations (high shipments volumes & complexity), has convinced us to select project44 as our premium visibility partner.”, says Karel Van den Berghe, Founder and CEO of Globis Software.

Based on Globis’ flexible API integration module GlobFlow, a seamless two-way integration between Globis and project44 was set-up in less than 10 days. Michel Stekelenburg, project44’s Director of Strategic Accounts EMEA, explains how this process went: “We are truly impressed with the capabilities of GlobFlow, which Globis and its implementation partners use to build real-time integrations between business critical and API-based platforms.” Michel continues “We feel the energy of the Globis team, the great technology they have and are proud with this new partnership!”

About project44

project44 is the industry’s first and only unified global supply chain visibility offering with one seamless experience and frictionless collaboration across the ecosystem. project44 empowers the world’s leading brands to predict and proactively respond to supply chain disruptions, enabling an unparalleled level of agility, resilience and efficiency

About Globis

Globis is an End-to-End Cloud Platform for Logistic Service Providers (LSP’s) that offers full visibility, control and margin optimization for their inter-modal transport, warehousing and forwarding activities. Globis connects and integrates every aspect of supply chain logistics, from Quote to Cash, into a single, best-in-class management platform that optimizes resources and increases margin.