Neovia Logistics

Neovia Logistics

Neovia is a global leader in third-party logistics, operating more than 100 facilities in over 20 countries across six continents.
Founded in 1987 as Caterpillar Logistics, Neovia has combined an OEM mindset with real-world innovation to partner with, and solve complex logistics challenges for, leading companies in the automotive, industrial, aerospace and technology sectors.
Neovia helps companies manage, grow, and transform their supply chain operations. Their services include service parts logistics, inbound logistics, finished goods distribution, inventory optimization and transformation management.
In 2012, they became a standalone company, taking on the Neovia name to signify a new path, while remaining true to their heritage and experience.
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Transport visibility

In order to deliver their customer market leading service and performance, Neovia was looking for a partner to help them solve the following issues:
  • Shipping spare parts involves many stakeholders (Neovia, Neovia’s customer (manufacturer), wholesalers, dealers, service technicians in the field) which all require detailed information on their shipments.
  • In order to optimize service and cost, multiple carriers are used. These carriers each have their own way of reporting back the progress of shipments through their network, making track & trace a cumbersome
  • As a result, visibility is lost and stakeholders lost control of their shipments ( Estimated Arrival Time) and started calling and e-mailing between each other in order to obtain progress information or resolve delays.

Transport management

  • The existing Transport Management System (TMS) was not capable of validating address, weight and size in real time with the carrier resulting in delays, service downgrades and surcharges (e.g. address correction charges)
  • The existing TMS was not able to rate the shipments in real time through the carrier systems, which results in differences between the expected shipment cost and the actual invoice value. Since the expected shipment cost was the basis for invoicing between Neovia, Neovia’s customer and wholesalers / dealers this this was not a desirable situation
  • Maintaining operational restrictions and rate tables in the existing TMS was a very time-consuming and error prone.

What Globis means to Neovia

Globis’s agile SaaS platform was implemented at Neovia’s Oosterhout facilities.

In a 1st phase, GlobTrace was set up to give all stakeholders a harmonized view on their shipments using their own reference number.
Incoming data from carriers is harmonized and translated into 6 standardized checkpoints, making it very easy to prioritize and follow-up on shipments.
Stakeholders who don’t have access to the platform can be informed with a single click via deeplinks, downloadable reports and PODs.

The portal is completely branded in the corporate look of Neovia.

The 2nd phase involved the implementation of GlobShip.
Firstly, GlobShip significantly lightened the maintenance workload for Neovia’s backoffice through its advanced real-time shipment validations, rate calculations, automated bookings, label printing and manifesting.
Plus, last-minute hiccups were eliminated: shipment issues are spotted immediately during shipment preparation instead of at the end of the manifesting process or worse: when the shipment gets delayed.