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I+ Solutions

i+solutions distributes essential medicines and healthcare products worldwide to more than 90 countries. Collaborating with contracted partners, including government, private, public, and charitable organizations, they ensure high-quality products at affordable prices and develop healthcare infrastructures to help low- to middle-income countries become resilient societies. They adapt flexibly to challenges they encounter and employ innovative practices, continually enhancing service to their clients. i+solutions is data-driven, highly values transparency, and believes that innovation is the key to strengthening global health supply chains.

antimalarial treatments procured
1 mln
on-time delivery
1 %
people receiving ARV treatments
1 mln
countries of destination

An independent nonprofit organization specializing in managing the pharmaceutical supply chain for developing countries, needed a system to monitor their supply chain and procurement.

Supporting an international health supply chain

The Globis platform establishes end-to-end supply chain control, facilitating the efficient transportation of various goods from the point of origin to the final destination. This encompasses suppliers, ports, inland logistics, streamlining logistics processes for optimal time and cost management.

Key functionalities of Globis:

  • Recording and Viewing of all transactions: the registration and monitoring of quotes, sales orders, purchase orders, and shipments within the Globis system. These interconnected elements provided comprehensive visibility throughout the entire supply chain.

  • Inventory Management: The project covered inventory management for both cross-dock and regular warehouses situated in China and the Middle East.

  • Milestone Reporting (tracking): This included reporting on all significant milestones within the supply chain process and the provision of essential key performance indicators (KPIs) to the client.

  • Approval Process: The project incorporated tracking, monitoring, and enforcement of the approval process to ensure smooth operations.

  • Virtual Warehouses: Management of virtual warehouses was another critical component of the project.

Impact of the Globis Platform:

The implementation of Globis resulted in the establishment of end-to-end supply chain visibility through a centralized platform, serving as the single source of truth. This comprehensive visibility extends from the quoting phase to the execution of shipments. Furthermore, it includes centralized inventory management across all i+solutions warehouses worldwide. Additionally, a robust audit trail and a solid milestone/KPI reporting system were introduced, enhancing transparency and efficiency in supply chain operations. Globis becomes the linchpin of effective supply chain management for i+solutions.