PSA Breakbulk

PSA Breakbulk

PSA (Port of Singapore Authority) Breakbulk is one of the largest steel and general cargo handlers in the Port of Antwerp. PSA Breakbulk handles an average of approximately 2 million tons of seagoing cargo per year for liner and semi-liner trade operators. It also serves as the ‘Port of Call’ for breakbulk and general cargo for industrial groups.

Square meters of warehouses
Tons of cargo per year
Quay length
Lifting capacity
Up to 75 tons

PSA Breakbulk holds a leading position in handling steel and metals for both import and export and is part of the PSA Group.

The PSA Group is one of the largest port operators globally, with activities in approximately 50 terminals across 19 countries. In Antwerp, PSA is not only involved in Breakbulk but also operates in three container terminals: Europa Terminal, Noordzee Terminal, and MSC PSA European Terminal. Together, these three terminals handle over 80% of the total container volume in Antwerp.

Globis is a crucial element of our growth strategy. It allows us to establish reliable, efficient digital processes, resulting in fewer errors, higher efficiency, and happier employees. Consequently, we can refocus on what truly matters: the satisfaction of our customers.

Revolutionizing Breakbulk Terminal Operations

PSA Breakbulk turned to Globis for the implementation of their new Terminal Operations System (TOS), embarking on a journey to enhance their operations significantly. The ambition was to centralize activities onto a unified platform, improving efficiency, transparency, and customer service while reducing multimodal transport loading and unloading times.

Key Benefits of Globis for PSA Breakbulk:

  • Digital Backbone of Terminal Operations: Globis serves as the digital backbone for all terminal operations at PSA Breakbulk. 

  • Real-Time Operation Visibility: Globis offers a real-time overview of planned, ongoing, and completed operations. This transparency streamlines decision-making and enhances operational control.

  • Seamless Integration: With Globis, integration is effortless. PSA Breakbulk can seamlessly connect with customers, customs authorities, and third-party software and platforms, fostering collaboration and data sharing.

  • Efficient Stock Management: One of the core objectives was to reduce multimodal transport loading and unloading times. Globis achieves this by providing a clearer and more accurate stock view, facilitating faster decision-making.

  • Configurable Billing: PSA Breakbulk enjoys faster and more transparent invoice management thanks to Globis. Highly configurable billing rules ensure accurate and efficient invoicing processes.

  • Customizable User Interface: Globis offers an adaptable user interface tailored to the needs of fieldworkers, administrative staff, and management. It’s designed to meet the diverse requirements of PSA Breakbulk’s workforce.

The implementation of Globis as the digital backbone of PSA Breakbulk’s terminal operations marks a significant milestone in their quest for operational excellence. With real-time visibility, seamless integration, and streamlined processes, PSA Breakbulk is not only enhancing efficiency but also elevating customer satisfaction. This partnership with Globis is a testament to their commitment to delivering top-notch service in the world of multimodal transport and logistics.