Ewals Cargo Care

Ewals Cargo Care

In the hyper-competitive and complex field of multimodal logistics, it is crucial to have a permanent control over financials and operations, both at a broad level and down to individual order details. That’s why the logistics group Ewals Cargo Care, chose the Globis platform.

IT systems play a pivotal role in the intricate operations of Ewals, which manages more than 3,000 trailers, pulled by 800 in-house trucks and 1,200 external trucks from subcontractors. The primary activity involves unaccompanied trailer traffic via roll-on-roll-off ships or trains, with approximately 75% of the trailers being loaded onto boats or trains. Unlike transport where the driver remains with the cargo at all times, this type of traffic demands meticulous planning. For instance, for a route from Genk to Liverpool, at least four aspects must be planned: the journey from Genk to the port of Zeebrugge, loading a new cargo onto the truck in Zeebrugge, securing the necessary slots on the ferry, and arranging for a tractor on the other side to pick up the cargo. Additionally, agreements with customers regarding connections and deliveries need to be made, taking into account multiple drivers who must adhere to their driving and resting times.

Long-distance transportation is a highly competitive market where every cent matters, and where numerous Eastern European transport firms compete. Traffic by ro-ro ship or train offers the advantage of working with local carriers due to shorter distances and improves the environmental footprint. Ewals combines these local specialties with capacity from Eastern European partners, particularly for long-haul journeys.

External trucks
Own trucks
75 %
Of the trailers go to ships or trains

Transforming Efficiency and Effectiveness

Ewals Cargo Care has found a long-term partner in Globis. As the industry continually pushes the boundaries of what’s possible, Ewals recognizes that to stay ahead, they must harness the power of cutting-edge technology and streamlined processes.

Efficiency, the driving force of modern logistics, is where Globis helps Ewals make the difference through the automation of intricate tasks, from the inception of orders to creditworthiness checks and invoicing. This unprecedented automation revolutionizes operations, allowing Ewals to redirect their focus towards what truly matters—providing top-notch service to their customers.

Key Highlights:

  • Automation: Globis enables Ewals to automate critical processes, from order creation to creditworthiness checks and compliance with legal regulations.

  • Streamlined Access to Information: With Globis, Ewals gains access to a centralized dashboard that consolidates key business information. No more hunting across various systems.

  • Insightful Planning: Through the PDCA cycle (Plan – Do – Check – Adjust), Globis provides Ewals with unparalleled insight into both current and future activities. Accurate forecasting is key to securing the best pricing from partners.

  • Simplified IT Landscape: the broad functional coverage of Globis enabled Ewals to reduce the number of legacy applications drastically.

Globis isn’t just a software platform for Ewals Cargo Care; it’s a transformative catalyst.