Discover the Globis platform

The Globis platform is designed with a modular approach, allowing for the implementation of the solution in one area of your business, and from there, it’s easy to expand it to other departments. It proficiently handles the entire logistical flow, covering the financial/administrative, back-office, and field operations without a hitch. Besides the logistical support, it encompasses essential ERP features such as order management, production management, and invoicing.

Its boundless integration abilities easily mesh with your application environment (ERP, accounting, planning, etc.) and marketplaces. Dynamic portals are there to foster collaboration with business partners. Be it undefined cargo, breakbulk, or consumer-packed goods, you have the flexibility to determine the level of detail for the data you wish to utilize, gather, and disseminate.

The platform encapsulates financial, managerial, and operational data into a unified data model, offering insightful dashboards for improved decision-making.

Logistics Backbone

At Globis, we redefine the way you envision logistics. Our Logistical ERP Platform is the key to an efficient, interconnected, and thriving logistics ecosystem.


Elevate your business operations with our all-in-one ERP SAAS platform. From seamless order management to enhanced customer collaboration, Globis revolutionizes your logistics for ultimate efficiency. Unlock your business’s full potential today.


Opt for a flexible, extensive platform that integrates effortlessly with your existing systems—from accounting to forecasting. Our superior APIs ensure seamless data flow for ultimate process automation, including CRM, order and warehouse management, and invoicing. Simple setup meets expert support, guaranteeing a smooth transition and continual efficiency.