Ecu Worldwide

significant process automation

ECU-WORLDWIDE has more than 25 years of experience in shipping and is a worldwide market leaders in LCL-services (Less-than-Container Load). ECU-WORLDWIDE features a global network in more than 90 countries with over 200 offices and 8500 employees. In addition to shipping, they offer an extensive range of ‘Value Added Services’, Outsourcing and Consultancy services.
While the loading and consolidation of huge amounts of cargo is ECU-WORLDWIDE core business, several separate IT systems had to be used to achieve this. For integration and to improve efficiency of the different systems in place, ECU-WORLDWIDE found the optimal end-to-end platform in the WMS module of the Globis Solution.

Globis became a global partner of ECU-WORLDWIDE and rolls out the Globis solution in more than 10 different locations around the world. The Globis Solution provides a customised solution for the huge transactions volume, the automation of all workflows, the personalised logistics services, the use of digital tablet PCs, digital reception of supplies, as well as a fully fledged Business Intelligence environment.

Everything was seamlessly integrated in the ECU-WORLDWIDE booking system allowing an automatic and customised costing of each freight.