Van Cranenbroek

100% optimization of the entire supply chain thanks to Globis

The company “Van Cranenbroek” is distributor of a comprehensive range of products for general garden maintenance, garden furniture and outdoor activities, currently holding 5 megastores, 4 in The Netherlands and 1 in Belgium.

The European Logistic Center is located in Overpelt (Belgium), and jointly the 5 stores have apx. 140,000 m² of storage space and apx. 60,000 articles.

Van Cranenbroek engaged in a business relationship with Globis for the optimization of the import of products, the maintenance of a large volume of articles, and container traffic planning.

Eventually, the solution evolved into a complete stock management application, inter alia comprising forklift terminals and scanners. Stock replenishment and stocks are now under fully automatic control, based on the ‘in waves’ principle.

The Globis solution consists of an adequate Master Data Management Solution, import, WMS and replenishment of the stores. It is possible to integrate the entire environment via ESB. Integration of an adequate BI and accounting tool forms an integral part of the solution.

Globis = Master Data Management + import + WMS + replenishment of the stores + financial transactions possible between different stores.

Soon, Globis will commence with the implementation of the service module. A staff of approximately 30 people will be responsible for the after-sales services.